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Welcome to the website of the project "Near but Far".

Discussing the crimes of Nazis and the holocaust itself is, and will always be, incredibly important. Universities and non-school education institutions (i.e. museums, documentation centers and memorial sites) continue to bring these topics to the public’s attention. However, they are not alone in keeping the discussion alive: both printed and digital media are allies.

Since 2014 an LMU Munich project group has made it their task to tackle "Holocaust Education". The project group researches how holocaust education is taking place, then searches for new and more effective approaches to the education. When conducting their research they look at the educational work of schools and non-school institutions. To do this they examine the educational activities conducted by the guides, teachers and/or lecturers. Additionally, they reflect on the importance of the media, exhibits, framework conditions and materials. For example, reflecting on the educational requirements of schools and universities.

Here you will find information about research projects and didactic materials on the subject of Holocaust Education.

If you are interested in our work, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Further Information is located under "Near but Far".